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Buying a New Desk

On Sunday morning my honey and I have developed the habit of going to the local pancake house for breakfast. This past Sunday was as usual, so we found ourselves headed down the road to the pancake place. I need … Continue reading

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Empty-Nest Syndrome

Mothers sometimes complain that adult children abandon them after they grow up and leave the nest. Empty-nest mothers feel as if the children no longer care. They want to know whether the children still love them. Here is a simple … Continue reading

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A Visit with Mom

As an adult, I used to delay visiting mom as long as possible. Mom made me feel like a child, regardless of my actual age or even the fact that I was also a mom. Mom’s house was a cluttered … Continue reading

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Battle of the Sexes

Battle of the Sexes: She Says… Men think they are the superior sex.  Just because their muscles are stronger they have the silly idea that their gray matter is equal to a female’s.  What women lack in physical strength, they make … Continue reading

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I’m a Widow

I’m a widow. Don’t you hate that word? Sounds like I’m a black widow spider. Men don’t want to date me because they think I’ll kill and eat them. It’s tough when you are too young to be a widow, … Continue reading

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To the Complaint Department (With Love)

Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing in regard to the delay in shipment of my order for 14 dozen Olympic quality, ultra accurate, gold tip arrows. Perhaps you do not understand the urgency of the situation. I realize that … Continue reading

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