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The Starving Artist Art Sale

“Starving Artist Art Sale this weekend. Real oil paintings at bargain prices!” Okay, I’ll admit it. I was sucked in by a television commercial. Usually, I just ignore this stuff. I know the art isn’t really “art,” just cheap imitations. … Continue reading

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Rocks Create a Tiny Art Movement

Just when you thought it was safe to venture out of your house without being run down by the herds of Pokemon chasers, along comes a new fad. You will be relieved to know that this one does not involve … Continue reading

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An Art Exhibit

Can you believe that Nashville, the same city that produced Country Music and the Tennessee Titans, could actually produce culture?  I treated myself to a bit of this culture, an art exhibit. Now this was not the ordinary garden variety of art; … Continue reading

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Painting with a Twist

“It will be fun,” I said. “How do you know?” asked my sister. “See, it says right here on the Internet ad, It’s FUN art, not FINE art!” I was trying to convince her to go to one of those … Continue reading

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Want to Color?

Remember when you were a kid and loved to color pictures of animals, trees, flowers or favorite story characters? Kids spent many happy hours coloring between the lines. It was fun to decide which color to use or to color … Continue reading

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