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Closet Gourmet

My daughter took over the kitchen at my house. I don’t know why — unless she was tired of eating frozen dinners. Actually, I was getting a bit tired of them myself, so I didn’t object too much, though I … Continue reading

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Too Much Thanksgiving?

    You can’t believe you spent 10 hours cooking it and they ate it in 10 minutes. You check your popup timer to see if it’s really over. When you hear the word leftovers, you call 911. You lock … Continue reading

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How to Cook a Real Turkey

The big day is coming and people everywhere are getting nervous because they have to cook a turkey. Not to worry. Even I, the queen of disaster, can roast a turkey. I’ve been cooking turkeys for years and a turkey is the … Continue reading

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Table for Two

Ever notice how obnoxious people do not know that they are being obnoxious? The other evening my honey and I were dining at this great little Italian place we know about. Good food, good service, reasonable prices, you know the … Continue reading

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Plan Ahead for a Smooth Turkey Day

I saw an article somewhere with a lot of suggestions about how to plan ahead for Thanksgiving to make things go smoothly . It seemed like a great idea, but the following is about how my planning ahead usually goes. … Continue reading

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