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The Storyteller – Part 1

Mother is a storyteller, a spinner of tales.  Her stories are mostly about rural Tennessee and her life growing up on a farm with a large family of eleven children.  In rural Tennessee back in the 20’s the modern world … Continue reading

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Daddy’s Garden

For as long as I can remember, daddy always wanted a vegetable garden, a place to grow his own produce. There were a few attempts with this in mind, but the weeds were very determined and his efforts never yielded … Continue reading

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Time Out

Oh, joy! My grandson has gone home. So, why do I feel as if he is still here? I hear a noise and think it is the door, and that he is running in and out of the house again. … Continue reading

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Going to the Mountains

When I was a child, our weekends were often spent “going to the mountains.” Daddy would say, “Let’s go to the mountains this weekend.” We kids would go outside and hide behind the garage. Mom would pack a picnic lunch, … Continue reading

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Pizza, Pizza

I’m really happy to live in civilization. I used to live on the edge of civilization until urban sprawl caught up and I was absorbed. My definition of civilization is being within a pizza restaurant’s delivery zone. Not being able … Continue reading

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Murphy’s Laws for Kids

The original Murphy’s Law is a rule that says: “If something can go wrong, it will.” There are many variations. Here are a few that especially apply to kids. The more you hate spinach, the more likely it is you will have it … Continue reading

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