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A Cancelled Flight

Out of the thousands of airplane flights each day, most go right but a few go wrong. We seldom praise an airline for doing what they are supposed to do, but we never forget to complain when the flight goes … Continue reading

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Dear International Airport: I would like to apologize for all the fuss I created this week when I drove my car onto the airport runway. I am not a terrorist and I was not trying to hijack a plane or … Continue reading

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The Passenger Pickup Lane

Yesterday I went to purgatory — at least I call it purgatory. Most people call it the airport. . It used to be fun to go to the airport and pick someone up and watch the planes come in. But … Continue reading

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Wild, Blue, Yonder

I wish they would bring back the local airshow! I’ve missed it since it quit coming. I don’t know where it’s been or why it is taking so long to return. Like all the other fans around here, nothing could … Continue reading

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