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Dear International Airport: I would like to apologize for all the fuss I created this week when I drove my car onto the airport runway. I am not a terrorist and I was not trying to hijack a plane or … Continue reading

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Do-It-Yourself – Easy Assembly

Like Goldilocks and the three bears, we tried out all the chairs for size. This one was too big, this one too small, this one too stiff, this one too hard. Finally, we found a chair that was “just right.” … Continue reading

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Following Directions

Unlike a man, I know how to ask for directions. Also, unlike a man, I follow the directions even if they get me lost. I needed to go to Fall Creek Falls, a Tennessee State Park. I’d never been there before … Continue reading

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Twelve Easy Steps for Wrapping Perfect Gifts

You too can have beautifully wrapped holiday gifts without paying department store gift- wrapping prices. Wrapping gifts is not that difficult and is something anyone can learn with a small amount of effort. 1. Get a sturdy box for the … Continue reading

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