Twelve Easy Steps for Wrapping Perfect Gifts

rawpixel-com-445797You too can have beautifully wrapped holiday gifts without paying department store gift- wrapping prices. Wrapping gifts is not that difficult and is something anyone can learn with a small amount of effort.

1. Get a sturdy box for the gift. You can’t find one? There must be something in the closet from last year. Okay, that one is a bit small, but close enough. Line it with colorful tissue and place your gift inside. Whadda ya mean it popped open? Tape it shut. Good grief! Use more tape this time and make sure it stays shut.

2. Choose colorful paper appropriate for the occasion. Is that crummy stuff some paper you got for free? Measure the paper by gently wrapping it around the box. Leave two extra inches to overlap. Cut the paper evenly.

3. Measure the ends by using the end of the box. The paper should fold to cover the end of the box exactly at both ends. Now trim the sides of the paper. Where are the scissors? How should I know? They are your scissors. Try looking under the box. How can you learn to wrap gifts if you keep losing things?

4. Okay, wrap the box lengthwise and tape the paper tightly. What do you mean it doesn’t reach? I told you leave two extra inches. You forgot? FORGOT??? Repeat Steps 2 and 3. Now wrap the box lengthwise and tape the paper. Double-edged tape is nice and doesn’t show. You don’t have any? That figures.

5. Tuck the ends in on the side and make crisp creases. Fold the bottom flap up and the top flap down, like an envelope. It’s too long? Well, just fold the extra under and tape it. Okay, so it made a lump. So what?

6. Repeat Step 5 for the other end. The paper doesn’t meet? So, that’s why it was too long. Okay, cut a little extra paper off the roll and patch it. You do not have enough paper to start over. Maybe no one will notice.

7. Choose bright ribbon that coordinates with the wrapping paper. Watch out! Cats like to chase loose ribbon. Tie ribbon around box leaving ends long enough to tie the bow. Untie cat from box.

8. To make an easy bow, wrap ribbon around your hand and tie the loops tightly in the middle. You don’t have enough hands? Okay, I’ll tie it for you. Can’t you do anything? Now, pull the loops out one at the time on alternate sides and twist slightly. See how it works? Don’t worry, it looks good enough. Tie the bow to the box. Now untie cat again.

9. Extra items on the outside of a box add a festive touch. Try tying a small ornament or toy next to the bow. No, a small cat will not work.

10. The end came untapped? Tape it back. No more tape, huh? You shouldn’t have used so much to tape the box shut. Use adhesive tape or duct tape. At this point, who cares? It’s the gift that matters, not the wrapping anyhow.

11. Additional gifts may be wrapped in the same manner. Helpful suggestion: Put cat in basement and lock door first. How many more gifts to you need to wrap?

12. Gift bags are nice. Go to the discount store and buy bags and tissue paper. Wrap gifts loosely with tissue and tape. Put several sheets of extra tissue paper in each bag. Add gifts and you are done. Why didn’t we think of this step in the first place?

Copyright 2002 Sheila Moss

About Sheila Moss

My stories are about daily life and the funny things that happen to all of us. My columns have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and websites.
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5 Responses to Twelve Easy Steps for Wrapping Perfect Gifts

  1. Neethu says: the tips..😊

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  2. Ann says:

    Step 12 is my go to for wrapping. Don’t forget those boxes with pretty Christmas scenes on the top. Insert gift, tape sides and if feeling fancy add pre-made bow. Can you tell I don’t like wrapping?

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  3. Lois says:

    I had tears running down my face when reading this. Have you been looking over my shoulder when I was trying to wrap presents? Yes, gift bags can solve so many problems. Thanks for the laughs.

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