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Does Santa Bring Dog Gifts?

Dear Santa, I know you are in business to deliver toys to kids, not dogs. However, maybe you do not deliver to dogs because they do not write and ask. I am sure with all the reindeer that you have, … Continue reading

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The Mischievous Cat’s New Tree

  DAY 1 – Once of the most joyful things about the holiday season is the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree. At last the tree is up, trimmed and in all its glory. The lights are sparkling and … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I’m writing this because I want to explain a few things in case you get the wrong idea.  You may have heard a rumor that I said I didn’t believe in you any more.  I did say this, … Continue reading

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Twelve Easy Steps for Wrapping Perfect Gifts

You too can have beautifully wrapped holiday gifts without paying department store gift- wrapping prices. Wrapping gifts is not that difficult and is something anyone can learn with a small amount of effort. 1. Get a sturdy box for the … Continue reading

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Rules for Santa’s Workshop, Inc.

  MEMO FROM: Kris Kringle TO: All Staff RE: Rules for Santa’s Workshop, Inc. It has come to my attention that some of the staff are taking their responsibilities less than seriously. As you know, our business has the responsibility … Continue reading

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Trimming the Tree

At my house, my grandson always wanted to be included in anything to do with Christmas. One of his favorite activities was helping to trim the Christmas tree. Including children in holiday festivities helps to create traditions and gives them … Continue reading

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