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A Jaded Week

I don’t know how to describe it. It is green, greener than spinach, greener than a grass, greener than the eyes of a cat. It is GREEN, as green as jello. Yes, that’s it, jello. The necklace is treated jade … Continue reading

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Seeing Blue on eBay

It usually happens when I’m innocently looking for something and end up on eBay. I start browsing and first thing you know I find something I simply must have. My body takes control of my common sense and forces me … Continue reading

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Spike’s Body Jewelry

There’s a new girl down at the health club.  Her name is Spike.  Spike is a nice girl, really she is. She just likes jewelry. Spike isn’t satisfied with wearing jewelry in the regular ways. “That’s too boring,” she says. Spike … Continue reading

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A Love Gift

It’s Valentine’s and love is in the air. Dazzle your Valentine with love, wine and roses. But, face it, is that reality? ……Can we talk? You guys spent last weekend watching the SuperBowl, didn’t you? And the weekend before that, it was … Continue reading

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