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From Your Valentine

Why is it that we take everything that is good and try our best to turn it into something that is marketable? Take Valentine’s Day for instance. Somehow, just saying, “I love you” isn’t enough any more. All of the … Continue reading

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Cupid’s Reply

To: Loveless@hotmail.com From: Cupid@olympus.net Subject: RE: Urgent Request Thank you for your inquiry via email. I always make my utmost effort to respond to clients, especially with circumstances as desperate as those you describe. I am indeed known through out … Continue reading

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Email to Cupid

To: Cupid@olympus.net From: Loveless@hotmail.com Subject: Urgent Request Since this month is February, the month of love, and since you are the bearer of love and affection, could I ask you to aim one of your arrows at a certain person … Continue reading

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Of Boys and Red Balloons

Mylar balloons on ceiling | Jekemp | flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 – 2-12-05 It all started when I walked into Walmart and found that the store had sprouted a forest of helium Mylar balloons overnight. I was an easy mark … Continue reading

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Wishes and Kisses

While most women want something romantic and nice for Valentine’s Day, my expectations are considerably lower. What I would really like is a nice dinner out somewhere, some place that has waiters and dim lights and where you don’t have … Continue reading

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A Love Gift

It’s Valentine’s and love is in the air. Dazzle your Valentine with love, wine and roses. But, face it, is that reality? ……Can we talk? You guys spent last weekend watching the SuperBowl, didn’t you? And the weekend before that, it was … Continue reading

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To the Complaint Department (With Love)

Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing in regard to the delay in shipment of my order for 14 dozen Olympic quality, ultra accurate, gold tip arrows. Perhaps you do not understand the urgency of the situation. I realize that … Continue reading

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