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Buying a New Desk

On Sunday morning my honey and I have developed the habit of going to the local pancake house for breakfast. This past Sunday was as usual, so we found ourselves headed down the road to the pancake place. I need … Continue reading

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The Hardware Hike

In case you’ve missed me, I’ve been lost at a big box hardware store for three days. Why do they make those stores so big? I know they need a lot of room for their lumber, lawnmowers, and ceiling fans, … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Disaster

Well, it finally happened. My poor old dishwasher died in a poof of smoke. The last couple loads had an unusual smell. I optimistically attributed it to something plastic touching the heating coil. Funny, I never could find anything. I … Continue reading

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Defeated by a Scanner

When do you say enough is enough? I have just about been “done in” by technology.  Attempting to add a scanner to my PC, I had high hopes and bright ideas of all the wonderful things I would be able … Continue reading

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