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Hell’s TV

One of the worse things about staying home with nothing much to do has been watching daytime TV with it’s various reruns of previously popular shows.  What has happened to television?  I remember a time when we could hardly wait … Continue reading

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My TV Has Bad Hair

In the long list of life’s little annoyances, one of the most aggravating is having the television go out. I have just gone through the tunnel of darkness at my house with a non-working television. I don’t watch television that … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Survival Guide

Here it is that weekend again, football’s “last hurrah” for the season.  The whole county will be glued to the boob tube and you hate football.  Face it, if they like football, and probably even if they don’t, they are … Continue reading

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I’m Bored

How long since you’ve been really bored? People seem to believe that there is a human right to NOT be bored. We have television, computers, videos, radio, movies, cable, satellite, Red Box, Netflix, Prime, and On Demand. Heaven forbid that anyone … Continue reading

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The Big Screen Dream Machine

Years ago, big-screen TV’s were about the size of a kitchen range and took up half a room.  I will never forget the time when my man first decided that we had to have one. ********** My honey has a new toy. It’s the … Continue reading

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Technology Strikes Again

First, I want to say that Honey and I are not cutting-edge people when it comes to electronics. We are obsolete junk people. But last week technology jerked us into modern times when we purchased a new TV.  It is … Continue reading

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