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Clean Up, Spruce Up, Fix Up

Winter is here. Time to clean up, spruce up, fix up before the holidays. I don’t want to remodel the entire house but I just can’t seem to help myself. No matter how much I argue, the adrenaline seems to … Continue reading

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The Hardware Hike

In case you’ve missed me, I’ve been lost at a big box hardware store for three days. Why do they make those stores so big? I know they need a lot of room for their lumber, lawnmowers, and ceiling fans, … Continue reading

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Where Are Things When You Need Them?

Band-Aids are always the wrong size.  Why do they put so many of those little tiny ones in a box of assorted sizes?  They are not big enough for an average cut on a finger.  But get a scratch on … Continue reading

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The Vacuum Cleaner

What can I do? What can I do? The vacuum cleaner is sitting there waiting for me. I hate to vacuum. It is one of the best “bad” inventions ever. I’ve tried all kinds of vacuum cleaners, but it doesn’t … Continue reading

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