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A Shooting Spree

“Bang! Pow! Take that, you good for nothing box of bolts!” My friend Kathy tells a story about getting angry with her computer and shooting it. Kathy tells some wild tales and it is hard to know when it is … Continue reading

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The Death of Old Leaky

Several months ago, I decided to replace the leaky icemaker in my fridge. I hesitated about it for a long time as the refrigerator was old, and I was afraid a new icemaker might be more than it could handle. … Continue reading

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No Ice

My refrigerator is ancient relic from pre historic times, but it works just fine. The icemaker, however, has been on the blink for quite some time now. Oh, it makes ice just fine: the water kicks on with a little … Continue reading

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Dishwasher Disaster

Well, it finally happened. My poor old dishwasher died in a poof of smoke. The last couple loads had an unusual smell. I optimistically attributed it to something plastic touching the heating coil. Funny, I never could find anything. I … Continue reading

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