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The Anniversary Quilt

About twenty-five years ago, my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mother wanted to have a party and invite all her friends. When mom and dad married, they eloped and were married at a courthouse in South Carolina. Maybe she … Continue reading

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Trimming the Tree

At my house, my grandson always wanted to be included in anything to do with Christmas. One of his favorite activities was helping to trim the Christmas tree. Including children in holiday festivities helps to create traditions and gives them … Continue reading

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Intermittent Christmas

The trouble with Christmas is that it just comes around too darn often.  Seems like no time since it was here  and now here it is again.  The decorations barely have time to get dusty before it is time to … Continue reading

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Interview with a Turkey

Good day, Mr. Turkey. Thank you for agreeing to speak with us about life in the turkey shed and the approaching holiday season. 1. What sort of goals in life does a turkey have? Well, I’ve been on a very strict … Continue reading

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Fourth of July

Every year about this time the fireworks tents begin to sprout out by the county line, and I know its almost here again – the 4th of July. As usual, I’m sitting around trying to decide the best way to … Continue reading

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National Columnists’ Day

Did you know that today, Monday, April 18th is National Columnists’ Day? No? That’s what I figured. Somehow, no one seems to be rushing out to buy flowers and candy for Columnists’ Day. Somehow, no one even seems to know … Continue reading

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