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Superbowl Silly

Well, it’s that time again. Nerds beware! It’s the macho celebration of the year – SuperBowl weekend. Every year they do it — go nuts over football! The only good thing about it is that that it signals the end … Continue reading

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I Hate Football

Yes, that was me at the Titans’ game last week. So what? That does not mean that I do not hate football. It is just that I had not done much of anything for a long time and I really … Continue reading

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NFL Fever

A severe affliction is sweeping the nation. It manifests itself in the Fall of the year in a mysterious syndrome which usually lasts until about February, although in a few especially vulnerable people it has been known to continue in … Continue reading

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Super Bowl of Shopping

Once again my guy is glued to the television set all weekend watching football. “Is that the same game? It’s been on for 4 hours.” How would guys like it if we gals behaved the same way they do about … Continue reading

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Sacking the Superbowl

The SuperBowl is a media event that includes pre-game entertainment, a star-studded half-time show, celebrity interviews, a week of media blitz, and unprecedented commercial extravaganza. There is also a football game. The SuperBowl hype starts weeks early so that everyone … Continue reading

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