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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, I’m writing this because I want to explain a few things in case you get the wrong idea.  You may have heard a rumor that I said I didn’t believe in you any more.  I did say this, … Continue reading

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Christmas Funnies

  Santa is watching, please don’t do anything to embarrass him. Christmas spirit is a mysterious force that causes people to max out their credit cards. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas – so wake me up if I start … Continue reading

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The Fried Turkey Tale

Dear Mom, I hope you and dad are having a Happy Thanksgiving.  This year we decided to do something a bit different and fry our turkey whole.  I am in a newsgroup on the Internet that could not say enough … Continue reading

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How NOT to make a Succulent Wreath

So, you are feeling crafty, huh? Yes, I will help you make a wreath. What kind of wreath did you have in mind, dear? You want succulents. Someone else made one and you saw it on her blog. You can’t … Continue reading

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Blessings Revisited

While a traditional blessing is nice enough, as far as it goes, it just doesn’t go far enough. So we are going to add a few more blessings of our own. Continue reading

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